Please review the testimonials below:

“Faced with an incorrectly assessed million dollar tax bill I engaged Bruce to take the matter over for me. Bruce’s handling of the entire case was very professional and addressed with the experience and business-like manner I had hoped for. He is a very competent, respected representative and he got the job done to my satisfaction! I recommend Bruce to anyone facing similar circumstances.”
—Dave, Pierce County, WA

“Bruce has been our Attorney and tax advisor for many years, and we are confident in his judgment – we trust him with our business and personal tax decisions”
—Randy and Marti, Gig Harbor, WA

“We have the pleasure of knowing Bruce Clark for many years and he has always shown our family compassion and understanding. His legal expertise was essential in providing my parents with peace of mind in their latter years. Bruce is truly a blessing for my family and me as we go through a very difficult time. His professionalism and thoroughness are equal to his compassion and thoughtfullness. It has been a pleasure working with Bruce and he has the full confidence of us all.”
—Clifford, Tacoma, WA

“I had a huge IRS tax problem and liability.  I hired one of those big out of state IRS tax firms to represent me. You have probably seen their commercials on TV and the internet.
Well after eighteen months of frustration, poor communication, and transferring my account from one staff person to another.  I finally demanded that I get to speak to a real attorney.  The attorney reviewed my file and, without contacting the IRS to discuss my case, determined that I owed the entire amount plus interest and penalties!  I was in disbelief: I had PAID them over $12,000 to represent me and they didn’t even contact the IRS to at least try to reduce the interest and penalties.
Then I was blessed to have found Tacoma attorney Bruce Clark. After a face to face meeting and quick review of the facts of the IRS issue, I became his client.  He reviewed the same files the out of state attorney firm had access to, and said he would take my case.  Bruce met face to face with the IRS representative and now my case is resolved with unbelievable results.  BRUCE GOT THE RESULTS I WANTED!
Bruce is man of integrity and provides a personal, professional service.  I highly recommend Bruce for your legal and tax issues.”
—John, Edgewood, WA